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Shortage of Drugs at Public Health Institutions.

Shortage of Drugs at Public Health Institutions.

Three more weeks before citizens can have full access to medication at all Public Health institutions across the country.

This according to President of the Pharmacy Board, Andrew Rahaman.

In an interview with News Power Now this morning he revealed that citizens who suffer from chronic illnesses will have to wait a little more time, as the distribution of drugs have not hit pharmacy stores.


Rahaman said funds have been released by the Ministry of Finance however he stated that he was unaware whether or not the various distributors were paid.


When asked if the shortage of drugs has affected HIV/AIDS patients, Rahaman said that supply of that medication came from a different supplier which so far had been on a steady stream.

However he revealed that patients who suffer from other diseases such as cancer, heart complications and psychiatric and other chronic complications would have to wait for their supply.


President of the Pharmacy Board, Andrew Rahaman.


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    The mighty Trinifeak 2 years

    Medivcal drugs are a problem, but other drugs come in without a delay. The delivery of cocain and marihuana is not a problem in T&T. Patients who need drugs should just use marihuana and cocain instead of medical drugs from India which are of inferior quality anyway. Also our honourable Prime Minister Dr. Keith Rowley went to Colifornia to purchase viagra because the viagra he purchased in T&T was made in India and did not improve his potence.