Six Year Old Allegedly Molested By Family Member for Three Years

breaking newsThere are reports of yet another act of incest on a minor- this time involving a six-year- old infant.

Police are investigating allegations that the child’s 54-year- old grandfather has been sexually assaulting her for the past three years.

It is alleged that the Pleasantville man raped the child at their home- shared with the child’s mother who is said to be in her mid twenties.

Police say the little girl told her mother of her grandfather’s actions approximately two weeks ago and she was taken to the health centre where an examination confirmed that the child’s hymen had been broken.

A report stated that the child once lived with her mother and step father in Freeport, however when the adults’ relationship ended, the mother and child moved to Mon Repos and eventually to Pleasantville.

Police reportedly visited the home on Wednesday, however the suspect in question was not at the residence.

Investigations continue.