crime scene 4A STATE WITNESS who was expected to testify at a murder trial today is feared dead after he went missing in the early hours of yesterday morning.

Police believe Ricaldo Sanchez’ disappearance is linked to an ongoing murder case which is being heard in the Siparia Magistrates’ Court.

He was expected to be cross- examined today for a murder that took place in 2010.

Police reports indicate that Sanchez received several death threats from persons who did not want him to testify at the trial.

The murder took place in 2010.

Sanchez, 51, a disc jockey known in the area as DJ Papa Charlie, is feared dead and police believe he may have been killed along Los Charros Road, Palo Seco, where his bicycle and bag which contained clothing and cds were found yesterday at about 5.30 am by his common-law wife Mahalia Floyd, a security officer on her way to work. A pool of blood was found next to his personal items.

Investigations into the matter are continuing

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