Stephen Williams gets six months extension in office….

Stephen Williams

Stephen Williams, has been given an extension of another six months, until July 31, 2013. in office, as Acting Police Commissioner…

So too were Deputy Commissioners Raymond Craig and Simeon Alexis…

Yesterday this was confirmed by the Police Service Commission, which, after due deliberations, unanimously agreed on the six-month extensions at its monthly statutory meeting.

Each officer received initial acting appointment by the Commission effective August 7th, 2012 to January 31st, 2013, following the resignation of Commissioner Dr Dwayne Gibbs, and Deputy Commissioner Jack Ewatski .

The Commission stated in a media release that, in accordance with Legal Notice 102 (2009), it was informed that the Director of Personnel Administration has begun the process to conduct the selection process for the offices of Commissioner and Deputy Commissioners of Police.


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