Arima Presbyterian SchoolThe construction and imminent opening of a gas station in close proximity to the Arima Presbyterian School is being challenged to members of the school’s PTA who say the service station poses a threat to the health of students and is a safety hazard as well.

News Power Now spoke with PTA representative, Pamela Ramcharan who explained that the school’s PTA has been trying to prevent construction works of the facility at the corner of Tumpuna Road and the Churchill Roosevelt Highway for the past four years. She said the PTA has since received the support of Councilor Brennon Patterson and Arima Mayor Lisa Morris-Julian along with Education Minister, Anthony Garcia.

Ms. Ramcharan said recent revelations related to approvals for the project, now present greater opportunities for the closure of the facility.


Arima Mayor Lisa Morris-Julian

Ms. Ramcharan further disclosed that the PTA has been proactive in its approach to dealing with the matter.

Ms. Ramcharan explained that the PTA will soon be engaging the expertise of health and safety consultants as well as other relevant agencies about the implications of such a business venture in such close proximity to an educational facility.


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