President of National Primary School Principals Association, Cogland Griffith, Education Minister, Anthony Garcia, and Minister in the Ministry of Education, Dr Lovell Francis

The National Primary School Principals Association has made several recommendations to further reduce indiscipline at schools, among them a reduction in lunch and recess hours.

This was revealed following a media conference between executives at the Ministry of Education and the NAPSPA at the Education Towers yesterday.

Minister Anthony Garcia acknowledged the proposal but said it could not be implemented without proper consultation.

There was the suggestion to reduce the amount of time primary school students spend outside of classrooms to reduce violence on the compound. NAPSPA President Cogland Griffith said this can occur with a shortened lunch hour as students will be able to receive further supervision.

Griffith said it was also included in the proposal that schools be dismissed early to allow community programmes to take place in order to provide extracurricular activities for students.

Meanwhile President of the National Primary Schools Principals’ Association Cogland Griffith believes that recommendations to the Ministry of Education that were made by the Association must be taken into context.

He says that the suggestion of a shortened lunch and recess time to combat violence in schools was isolated and highlighted by the media.

Speaking with News Power Now this morning he emphasized that it was only a suggestion and should not be taken out of context.

He said that the proposal should not be isolated because there were a lot of issues to take into consideration before anything could be done.


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