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The Police Service has been accused of poor crime detection figures by some

The Police Service has been accused of poor crime detection figures by some

police patrol guard and emergency unitWhen compared to first world countries like the United Kingdom, the crime detection rate by the TTPS is the same as the biggest police service in the UK, the Metropolitan Police.

These comments came from the Acting Commissioner of Police, Stephen Williams.

Williams received yet another six-month extension to continue acting in the position.

At its statutory meeting yesterday, the Police Service Commission took the decision to give Williams another extension.

He was speaking on the Power Breakfast Morning Show on Power 102.1fm today.

The Acting Commissioner acknowledged that one of the major issues facing the police service was the issue of gang violence.

He said that what concerned him was not just gang violence but gun violence in Trinidad and Tobago.

He also revealed that the Trinidad and Tobago Police Service had made headway with the issue of gangs in T&T.

Acting Police Commissioner Stephen Williams


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    Hans-Elmar 3 years

    Acting Commissioner Stephen Williams is a crook who should be dismissed as soon as possible.He is perfectly right the crime detection rate in T&T is as high as in first world countries. However, the crime prosecution rate in T&T is far lower than in developed countries.If one takes the murder prosecution rate of T&T which is about 28% in comparision with the UK whre it is 86%. In Germany it is 92% and in Japan it is 96%. This means T&T has a long way to go to reach first world standart. Playing crime down is no solution for the extremely high crime rate of T&T.