Tobago House of Assembly 3

Parliament Chambers

Chief of the Tobago House of Assembly, Orville London has expressed concern over the recent cabinet reshuffle during a media conference at the Administrative Complex in Calder Hall, Scarborough, on Tuesday.

The THA head said the government should call an early election in light of four cabinet reshuffles with the five years that the party has been in power.

London said it is likely the Prime Minister will call elections when the People’s Partnership feels its chances have improved from its current low.

Former National Security Minister Gary Griffith was fired after being named by West as a witness when David West reported the matter to police.

Emmanuel George (Ministry of Justice) and Embau Moheni (Minister in the Ministry of Justice) were stripped of their portfolios, while Minister in the Ministry of Works and Infrastructure Stacy Roopnarine was reassigned, and Senate President Timothy Hamel-Smith also got the axe.

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