Attorney General of T&T, Anand Ramlogan

The Trinidad and Tobago Transparency Institute (Transparency) issued a release this morning on the exchange between the Director of the Police Complaints Authority and the Attorney General.

The release stated that the Authority was viewing the development with interest and concern.

It revealed that Transparency was aware that the allegations that had been raised against the Attorney General were subject of a police investigation.

It emphasized that no conclusions as to culpability should be drawn at this time.

Transparency noted that there was a presumption of innocence, and that all citizens were entitled to full benefit of due process prior to any censure or condemnation.

It also acknowledged that the allegations involved issues of potential serious criminality.

Deryck Murray

Head of Trinidad and Tobago transparency Institute, Deryck Murray

The release went on to state that Transparency demanded the highest moral rectitude of all holders of public office.

It stated that they must be above any possible reproach at all times.

This included the Attorney General, whose Office was constitutionally enshrined, and who had responsibility for the administration of legal affairs in Trinidad & Tobago.

It said that it considered that unresolved allegations against the Attorney General might permanently tarnish his office.
In an interview with News Power Now this morning Head of Trinidad and Tobago transparency Institute Deryck Murray revealed that the Attorney General needed to demit office while investigations were ongoing.


Head of Trinidad and Tobago transparency Institute Deryck Murray

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