Volney resigns as UNC Member…

Herbert_Volney2Former Minister of Justice and Member of Parliament for St Joseph, Herbert Volney has resigned as a member of the United National Congress.

He however maintained that he would not resign his seat in the House of Representatives.

Volney in an open letter to UNC General Secretary David Tancoo indicated that he felt that a statement made by Prime Minister Kamla Persad-Bissessar in her concession speech meant that she had no use of him in the Government.

On Monday night, following the result of the Chaguanas west bye-election Mrs. Persad-Bissessar said that she was assured of the support of twenty six and possibly twenty seven Members of Parliament.

Volney wrote that since his “unjust dismissal from her government” the Prime Minister has done nothing to re-engage him in Government or the administration of the UNC given that he still remains a member of Parliament.

Volney said that he was approached in April of 2010 by the leadership of the UNC in order to join the struggle for peace, bread and justice in our land.

He added that he felt as though he was only used by the UNC for his integrity.


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