Strategic planning and diligent work by officers of the Northern Division Special Investigations Unit, has led to the arrests of 13 male suspects, wanted in connection with a plot to murder a state witness, as he exited a Magistrates’ Court yesterday.

A media release issued by the TTPS this afternoon stated that the officers, along with members of the Northern Division Task Force Area West and Tunapuna and St. Joseph Criminal Investigations Departments, took up strategic positions in and around the precincts of the court between the period 8:00am to 6:00pm, on Wednesday.

Surveillance was paid to activities and persons in the area, which led to the subsequent arrest of seven men from the St. Joseph district, three from Maracas/St. Joseph, one from St. Augustine, one from Curepe and one from Santa Cruz.

Four vehicles used by the men, found parked in the vicinity of the court, were also seized during the exercise.