Reports today that a 15-year-old boy who was in police custody for almost a week for allegedly chopping off his mother’s hand has been released.

Police have revealed that the Director of Public Prosecutions gave instructions for the boy to be released as there was no evidence to prove he chopped his mother.

According to a report in the Guardian Newspaper, the boy’s father picked him up at the police station and took him home.

It quotes police sources as saying that the teenager will be given professional counselling from the Ministry of Education Student Support Services.

His mother, who has not given a statement to police, is reportedly unwilling to press charges against her son.

Doctors yesterday said the woman is making slow progress and remained warded in a stable condition at the Intensive Care Unit of the San Fernando General Hospital. The teenager also has not responded to any of the questions posed to him by investigators. A source said he answered “no comment” each time officers asked him a question related to the incident. The boy’s father also has not given a statement to police implicating his son.

Police said based on the lack of evidence they would not be able to charge the boy, although he was picked up by police with his mother’s blood on his shirt.