An employee of the Water and Sewerage Authority has been sentenced to 18 months hard labour for death by dangerous driving.

The verdict was handed down to 27 year old Jairon Phillips in the Scarborough high court this morning by Justice David Harris.

The incident, a two-car smash-up on the Claude Noel Highway near the Bagatelle turn-off, occurred in October 2009.


A 28-year-old man is currently warded at the San Fernando General Hospital following a shooting incident this morning in San Fernando.

According to LOOPTT.COM, at about 12:30am today, 28 year old Keron McEachrane, was sitting in his Nissan Almera motor vehicle along the Gulf View Link Road, near the entrance to the popular Gulf City Mall, when he was approached by a man in dark clothing.

There was a short exchange of words, following which, several loud explosions were heard.

McEachrane then felt a burning sensation to his lower torso, and he realized he had been shot.

The wounded man drove himself to the hospital where he was admitted and treated.

He is currently said to be warded in a stable condition.

Investigations are continuing.