Students of the University of West Indies, during a protest, blocked the Southern gate of the Campus over claims of several incidents of sexual attacks.

The students were engaged in a town hall meeting with the Guild President for 15 minutes then they decided to join hands in protest.

The incident which sparked the protest stemmed from a female student being attacked while withdrawing cash from a nearby ATM just after 1am on Monday.

The students said they have had enough of the talk by school officials and are asking for proper security around the campus.

After about 30 minutes of the students requesting to see the school’s Principal, Professor Brian Copeland said that there was an 8% increase to have more security on the campus.

He said that the school has invested in a new camera network of over 165 cameras, which he said will allow them to see the entire ground.

Two male students were subsequently arrested by members of the TTPS some moments after the students were asked to take their meeting inside of the school’s compound.