Police are searching for clues in connection with the suspected kidnapping of five fishermen and a teenager, by men believed to be Venezuelan pirates, who are demanding US$200,000 by this Friday for their release.

A picture of the victims began circulating on social media this morning.

The T&T nationals are seen surrounded by armed men with high powered rifles.

The victims, 16-year-old Jandesh Jaikaran, Linton Manohar, Brandon Arjoon, brothers Jason and Jerry O’Brien and Ricky Rambarose, all from Morne Diablo, reportedly left to go fishing on Sunday afternoon and were expected to return on Monday morning.

However, reports say Manohar’s relatives received a call from him saying he and the others were kidnapped by Venezuelan pirates.

The relatives were told the kidnappers are demanding $200,000 US dollars by this Friday.

Reports state they also demanded a downpayment be made by Wednesday and threatened to cut off the hands and limbs of the men if money was not received.