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22-Year Old Josiah Nicholas Charged With Sexual Assault Against Three, including 12-Year-Old School Boy.

22-Year Old Josiah Nicholas Charged With Sexual Assault Against Three, including 12-Year-Old School Boy.

The Trinidad and Tobago police service says 18 charges will be faced by a 22-year-old Cascade man who sexually assaulted a 12 year old school boy last month. The man also faces charges in relation to similar acts of violence and sexual assault committed against two other people. 


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    We as parents in our day over 30- 60 years ago were busily juggling work and more so now. As they say employers of the day and more so now were forcibly telling us to multitask and we sucked it all up. We could not afford to lose our jobs. We did not know the human being was never made to multitask. Can you talk on a cell phone and drive a car or even supervise a child properly …from 2 years up? Now we know that multitasking stresses you out so much you end up having to confront many serious medical issues. Some would get a stroke; some would become diabetic; some prostate cancer among other cancers; some would suffer kidney or liver or even heart failure. Also all of these human body failures could and would come at any age. Then the family is slowly put to the test. And then the company injuries would be experienced by some with no real compensations. And above all that nobody starting with the government cared. BUT WHAT ALL OF THIS HAS TO WITH THE SUBJECT MATTER? .The answer is the quest for money that can buy happiness starting with a $100,000 vehicle or a 2 million dollar house or a 1000 dollar all inclusive fete or un buy able clothing, or a vacation trip or a 5000 dollar Carnival costume or to hang with other friends etc. So cocaine trafficking is a way out for the youngster who grew up with no values, or standards or morals or who were never properly supervised or who dropped out of school and cannot even multitask or even get a job or who works for slaves wages or who cannot pull any strings to get a 50,000 a month steady job to achieve the needs of the cost of living. Mind you the living cost in Trinidad is about a 100% or more in some areas above the earning wages per month. Banks and Insurance and most medical doctors and most lawyers and judges know this but just do not give a damn about their huge expenses bestowed on the falling middle classers and poor. They just do not have any mercy. GOD DOH SLEEP. One day change will come to my beloved T&T from afar as every creed and race NEVER DID HAVE AN EQUAL PLACE IN OUR T&T. Syrian people migrated from Syria all over the world many years ago (some over two thousand) and never helped their emerging fail state. (no damn pride I guess). Unlike my grand father Sheik Hussain of Iran they never understood greed and wealth is our greatest downfall in life. In T&T they operate above the law but like all ah we their time will come with the Lord our master.