23-year- old Brandon Khan of Chase Village, Carapichaima, was found dead shortly after noon on Saturday in Chickland, Freeport, with a gunshot wound to his head. He was found by police who responded to a report of a man’s body being found in some bushes along Randal Road. His white Mazda 3 Sedan was parked a short distance away.

Khan was the cousin of Arisa David, who was murdered last week. According to relatives, he did not go to David’s funeral on Friday and remained at his in-laws home nearby. He was expected to return home that night, but when he did not and call his mobile phone went unanswered a search was mounted. He was reported missing to Freeport police and within a few hours.

They were informed that a body matching his description had been found, thus was confirmed when they arrived on the scene.

Khan, who got married in July 2017, had a four-month-old son and was training to become an Emergency Medical Technician.

Police said there has been no link to David’s murder.