Up to late yesterday, the murder toll, according to the TTPS, stood at 7 in two days. The fist female murder victim for the year has been identified as 25-year- old Arisa David. The young woman was allegedly strangled and beaten by a close male relative in a bedroom of the home she shared with her two young children.

Arisa David had been a victim of domestic abuse before being strangled to death.

David was discovered lying motionless on the floor of the bedroom shortly after 8am on Tuesday, by her mother who has since called for the perpetrator to be arrested, charged and executed. The incident took place at Limehead Road, Chase Village. The elderly woman had been alerted to to her daughter’s tragic end by the two young children who ran to her, saying, “We can’t wake mummy.” The woman, Debra David,  said the man who is believed to be the attacker had been banned from the house by her sons approximately nine months ago for abusing her daughter. She said it was only now realized that the young woman would allow the man to visit when the family were asleep. The two children, she said, would have been in the bedroom at the time of their mother’s demise. The younger of the two children told their grandmother that the man had been choking their mother on the bed.

“I want them to bring back the death penalty and I want them to hang him high. And if they can’t do it, bring him for me, let this mother get justice…he can’t just take my child’s life and roam free.”

The man who is said to be responsible for killing David, was reportedly at the scene yesterday and had to be rescued by police as one of Arisa’s cousins attempted to attack him. The young woman’s body was removed to the Forensic Science Centre in St James where an autopsy later confirmed thatch had been strangled.