287 members of staff, including academics, at the University of Trinidad and Tobago are expected to be sent home when the institution begins its retrenchment process at the end of this month.

When this exercise is completed, it is expected to save the university millions of dollars.

According to the Sunday Guardian, a letter signed by UTT’s President Sarim Al-Zubaidy on January 15thsought to update staff on the restructuring.

The letter stated that on January 11th, the separation proposal was submitted to the Recognised Majority Union, the Oilfield Workers Trade Union as well as the Ministry of Education.

The cost saving from the last restructuring exercise which involved academics staff has been estimated at $35.5 million, while the upcoming retrenchment will save an estimated $41.5 million.

Some people have been working at UTT on contract for the past ten years or more.

It is believed that UTT is moving to have workers sent home before the scheduled March 2018 court date, where workers are seeking regularization to become permanent members of staff.