PRISON PROTEST 9The group representing prisons officers is appealing for an urgent meeting with the several security stake holders to pursue matters of national importance relating to the nation’s prisons.

Prisons Officers Association President, Ceron Richards, is of the view that such a meeting is critical to reviewing safety matters especially in the wake of last Friday’s prison break from the Royal Jail on Frederick Street, Port of Spain.

One of the prison escapees was shot and killed by the police on Friday while another was found with several bullet wounds in East Port of Spain on Sunday.

Police believe he was felled by a rival or rivals.

The third escapee reportedly surrendered to police over the weekend.

In a News Power Now interview , Mr Richards said Friday’s development cannot be treated lightly.


Mr Richards also confirmed that the association has been made aware of a high level of absenteeism by officers, a situation which began on Sunday and continued on Monday.


Prisons Officers Association President, Ceron Richards.