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$350,000 Bail Granted to Two Men Charged with 5 Counts of Robbery with Aggravation.

Two 20-year-old men, charged with five counts of robbery with aggravation against three supermarkets operated by Chinese nationals, have been granted bail with surety totalling $350,000 TT dollars after appearing before the Chaguanas Magistrates’ 1st Court, on Monday.

Chakeem Horne, of Munroe Road, Cunupia, and Mikael Williams, of Railway Road, Enterprise, pleaded not guilty to the charges when they appeared before Senior Magistrate Jo-Anne Connor, to answer the charges for the offences which occurred between December 27th, 2017 and March 09th, 2018.

Horne was granted TT$150,000 bail with surety, while Williams was granted TT$200,000 bail with surety.

They are required to report to the Cunupia Police Station weekly.

The matter was postponed to Tuesday, June 5th.

The accused are alleged to have robbed a supermarket that is located along Munroe Road, Cunupia, on December 27th; the second supermarket was robbed on February 04th and is located along the Southern Main Road, Enterprise, while the third, which is located along John Street, Enterprise, was robbed on March 09th.

The men were detained by officers of Chaguanas Criminal Investigations Department, after they were observed acting in a suspicious manner at Xtra Foods Supermarket, Price Plaza, Chaguanas, May 04th.


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    To begin with, what we need in T&T is a “root cause specialist” in the position of CoP. I was a “root cause specialist” in my field as Lead Process Engineer a now retired and pushed out of a job chemical engineer. I was never brought up on “pull string” or as some will color it “networking”. We need to find the real root cause of all our crimes with the young people in our society. Until we do this we are apt to repeat the same mistakes after the boom years started. We drove up car, house, furniture, cell phone, food, clothes, schooling costs without properly handling who we hire and at what wages and we want reasonable crime stats. We just want the impossible to work for us. All God’s ways and methods are broken in our weary faired “two dot in an ocean” society. When you look around Trinidad and Tobago with all its advantages as a nation that God has given us ( mountains, good soil, reasonable temperatures with sun and rain predictable, rivers, beaches, fruits, etc.) we allow a mere 1% with tremendous greed filled, filled with dishonesty, selfish in character, lacking of true faith in God,unfaithful in many ways to family etc.) to rule over us and totally ignore via their decision making the needs of the rest of the nation. It is sheer madness as God and his commandments fundamentally want the opposite of us all. With man favoritism is in his goals of life but with God we are all born equal with Him and His wish is for us all to be treated equally or justly throughout our lives here on earth (the test of out existence going forward from this life).