Police are investigating the death of 38 year old Garvey Campo who was found shot at his home in Windy Hill Arouca.

Campo was murdered using ammunition which allegedly belong to the Police Service. 

Around 11:00 pm yesterday, police responded to a report of loud explosions at river road, via Mountain View, Windy Hill, Arouca. On arrival at the scene, residents directed police to Campo’s home. He was found lying on the floor of his bedroom suffering from gunshot wounds to his neck and abdomen. He was still alive and was rushed to the Arima health facility but died while undergoing treatment.

Police reportedly found 12 spent 9mm shells with TTPS markings.

Other Police ammo found

This murder comes less than 48 hours after police in Arima held two men for possession of 23 rounds of ammunition purported to belong to the police service. Officers on patrol on Sunday afternoon stopped a silver coloured Nissan Almera. Police searched the car and seized a Glock pistol and an extended magazine with 23 rounds of 9mm ammunition.

Upon closer inspection the ammunition appeared to have TTPS markings.

The suspects have reportedly refused to cooperate with the police as to how they came to be in possession of the ammunition. They remain in police custody.