What we know as Post-partum Depression actually begins early in the pregnancy carries through the pregnancy and can actually increase after the baby is delivered.

This is according to Clinic Director of Elders and Associates Dr. Natalie Humphries.

Speaking with News Power Now this morning, she revealed that this happens to 1 out of every 7 women during their pregnancy.

She said the correct medical term is Depression Peri Partum Type.

She stated that while it is very common it is often ignored, which could lead to dire consequences for the woman.

She gave some indications on how to identify the signs in pregnant women.



Recently there were reports of a young mother who died at hospital from injuries she sustained in a 40-foot fall at her home three days ago.

Abigail Ragobar never regained consciousness after she was admitted to the Port-of-Spain General Hospital and died just after 2 pm yesterday.

Reports indicate that following her death her family reached out to society to highlight the effects of postpartum syndrome on mothers, since they believe this ultimately led to her tragic end.

Dr. Humphries said that usually symptoms can be caught early, however in many cases women are not taken seriously.


Dr. Humphries highlighted the need for family members to be vigilant when observing pregnant women and take them seriously if they complain that something may be wrong..