Acting Senior Superintendent, Basdeo Ramdhanie, of the Traffic and Highway Patrol Branch says a total of 40 persons have lost their lives in thirty-eight road traffic accidents on the nation’s roads so far this year.

He explains that this is compared to thirty-nine deaths from thirty-six road traffic accidents for the same period last year.

Speaking at the TTPS weekly news briefing held at Police Administration Building Port of Spain, Superintendent Ramdhanie reminded drivers who are in the first vehicle at Traffic Light Controlled intersections, to wait three to four seconds before moving off on a green light to ensure the intersection is clear.

He appealed to motorists to do this even if it causes the driver behind to sound the horn adding that that you are the most at risk moving off first from the light.

Superintendent Ramdhanie also indicated that to date, a total of 15,928 speeding tickets were issued to motorists for breaching roadway speed limits.

The tickets are valued at $15,928,000 with thirty-five percent of these being issued by the Traffic and Highway Patrol Speed Teams and the other sixty-five percent being issued by Divisional Speed Teams, along main roads.

The TTPS said already for 2018, total of nine hundred and ninety –six drivers have been arrested and charged for Driving Under the Influence offences.