All five members of the Carapo Mosque who were held in connection with the murder of police officer Kryston Ramirez have been released.

This is according to their legal representative Fareed Ali.

They were nabbed by police at random locations throughout the East-West corridor.

A 20 year old man and a 16 year old suspect remain under questioning as homicide detectives continue their investigation.

Ali is also the legal representative for the two.

Speaking with News Power Now on Thursday, he revealed that the police searched the home of the 20 year old in an effort to gather evidence.

Ali lamented the fact that those arrested were denied baths and meals for the 36 hours they were held.

He said the 20 year old has special dietary needs that are being ignored by police.

Ali maintains that this is a clear breach of their constitutional rights and privileges which they are entitled to within the law.

Despite the efforts of the police the suspects have exercised their right to silence and have left the police to strict proof of their involvement.

Ali maintains that his clients have nothing to prove to investigators and will not be voluntarily participating in any process they choose to engage any of them in.