50 Most Dangerous Cities in the World, REVEALED. Neighboring Venezuela at #2.

by | Mar 9, 2018

Seized weapons on display in Caracas, Venezuela. (AAP)

Kingston, Jamaica stands at #16 on the list of 50 most dangerous cities in the world. The top spot is occupied by Los Cabos, Mexico. The list, compiled by Mexico’s Citizens’ Council for Public Security, sees Mexico heavily featured. The organization notes that only two cities on the top 50 list are not in the Americas.

Trinidad and Tobago’s closest neighbour, Venezuela is ranked at #2 on the list of 50 countries that have most dangerous cities. Caracas, the article explains had  3387 homicides in 2017, a thousand times the rate of similarly-sized city Melbourne, Australia. Venezuela’s police force is described as ineffective, with murderers operating with impunity.

Here’s the list :

1. Los Cabos, Mexico

2. Caracas, Venezuela

3. Acapulco

4. Natal, Brazil

5. Tijuana, Mexico

6. La Paz, Mexico

7. Fortalesa, Brazil

8. Ciudad Victoria, Mexico

9. Ciudad Guayana, Venezuela

10. Belem, Brazil

11. Vitoria da Conquista, Brazil

12. Culican, Mexico

13. St Louis, United States

14. Maceio, Brazil

15. Cape Town, South Africa

16. Kingston, Jamaica

17. San Salvador, El Salvador

18. Aracaju, Brazil

19. Feira de Santana, Brazil

20. Ciudad Juarez, Mexico

21. Baltimore, United States

22. Recife, Brazil

23. Maturin, Venezuela

24. Guatemala City, Guatemale

25. Salvador, Brazil

26. San Pedro Sula, Honduras

27. Valencia, Venezuela

28. Cali, Colombia

29. Chihuahua, Mexico

30. Joao Pessoa, Brazil

31. Obregon, Mexico

32. San Juan, Puerto Rico

33. Barquisimeto, Venezuela

34. Manaus, Brazil

35. Distrito Central, Honduras

36. Tepic, Mexico

37. Palmira, Colombia

38. Reynosa, Mexico

39. Porto Alegre, Brazil

40. Macapa, Brazil

41. New Orleans, United States

42. Detroit, United States

43. Mazatlan, Mexico

44. Durban, South Africa

45. Campos dos Goytacazes, Brazil

46. Nelson Mandela Bay, South Africa

47. Campina Grande, Brazil

48. Teresina, Brazil

49. Vitoria, Brazil

50. Cucuta, Colombia