6 murders over the weekend have pushed this country’s murder toll to 30.

In the weekend’s first incident, 38 year old Jake Halls of Matura was found at the side of the road in Matura bearing gunshot wounds. He was last seen at a nearby bar and police believe he was shot while walking home after leaving the bar. He died while being treated at the Sangre Grande General Hospital.

Also on Saturday Adio Patrick was standing along St Francois Valley Road Belmont when he was approached by a group of gunmen and shot several times. He was taken to Port of Spain General but was pronounced dead on arrival.

Later on Saturday police were alerted to a double murder at Bangladesh in St Joseph. The victims have been identified as Crystal Heeralal and Keron Rampersad. Eyewitnesses report that a lone gunman reportedly opened fire on group of people at Marigold drive. Rampersad and Heeralal were killed at the scene while a third person remains warded at hospital in serious condition.

An 18 year old father of 1 was gunned down on Sunday morning. Jabari Paul of San Fernando had left a fete and was walking along Mon Chagrin street around 4:30 am.  Police say several loud explosions were heard by residents and shortly afterwards he was found bleeding from gunshot wounds to head and chest. It is believed he had an argument with several men before leaving the fete.

And in the latest incident, a Carenage man identified as Jamal Moses was shot last night. Moses was standing along the road in Mt Pleasant Street when gunmen shot him several times about the body. He died at the scene.