A social media LIVE post has gone viral and the Ministry of Education in Trinidad and Tobago must now answer the public query of a frustrated father who says he has tried, to no avail, to get his 7-year-old son registered in a public school in the Sangre Grande area.

The child’s father, Mark Cunningham made the post on January 10th, seeking some kind of explanation and possible positive outcome, for the dire situation that he says is keeping his son back from breaking a generational cycle.

In his video, Mr. Cunningham explains that each time he visits the Ministry of Education in Sangre Grande, he is made to give the clerks information, often leaving his telephone number with no result to date. Visibly perturbed, Mr. Cunningham laments that the religious alignment of schools is seemingly causing many children to be denied acceptance and registration. He questions what religion has to do with the education of the nation’s children.

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