The mother of a kidnapped teenager, Darrell Cuffy yesterday finally received word from her son’s kidnappers, 80 days after he was taken.

She immediately informed the police and is hoping that all the resources are used to trace the text message so that her son could be found.

Meanwhile, Darrell’s father, Farrell Cuffy revealed that the message from the alleged kidnapper stated that they are waiting for him to sell one of his boats so that he could get the ransom money to pay for his son’s release.

Cuffy too is hoping that police can use technology to trace the identity of the kidnapper and rescue his son.

Cuffy says he has already made plans to sell his one of his cargo ships to obtain the ransom money and is now considering selling his business altogether.

Cuffy also called on the Government to equip the police with the proper tools and state of the Art technology to assist in the fight against crimes such as kidnapping.