Senior Superintendent Johnny Abraham

A retired senior superintendent of police is today describing as hypocrites, people who condemn a central mother who lured a suspected pedophile to her home in order to detain him.

Reports say last week the woman pretended to be her 11 year old daughter and invited the man, who expressed an interest in seeing her, to the house.

When he arrived he was tied up by neighbours.

There have been some who say the man had been entrapped, but today retired Senior Superintendent Johnny Abraham says those saying so would have done the same thing if placed in the same position.

Speaking on the power breakfast morning show on power 102 this morning, Mr Abraham explained that the action taken by the residents was not illegal.

He said the man could be charged for found o enclosed premises and exposing the child to endangerment.

Meanwhile one eye witness, who lives in close proximity to the family, says the man clearly had ulterior motives.

He said the suspect, a taxi driver, deliberately dropped off the girl last and asked for her telephone number.