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A call is made for the GATE report to be made public.

Another voice has been added to the GATE debate, this time calling for the Government Assisted Tertiary Education programme report to be made available to the public.

Youth for Social Justice – the youth arm of the Movement for Social Justice sent out a media release today demanding that the government publish the GATE report, and open up their deliberations on the matter to public discourse.

In the release, the YSJ state that the time for back-room politicking and hands-off leadership is over.

They say that leaked recommendations in the report have been cause for contention among many differing sectors of society.

It is the view of the YSJ that Education has far-reaching effects beyond the simple certification of individuals, for example elevating of the electorate to a more informed one.

They are therefore firmly rejecting the proposal that students be made to pay a portion of their tuition fees, stating that many students – present and future – will be unable to foot the bill for their tertiary education, and will therefore be excluded from improving their lot.

They are also asserting that students currently accessing GATE funding should not be affected by any changes made at this time, and further, that provisions be made for those hoping to access GATE funding in the future.