Gary GriffithIt is with great dismay, but not surprising for the nation to have witnessed  incidents involving the murder  and funeral of Mr. Alexis aka,  Robo Cop and comments made about him after.
This from Former Minister of National Security Gary Griffith.

In a media release sent yesterday the Former National Security Minister revealed that during his tenure it was obvious then as it is now, that the focus for reducing major crime was to dismantle gangs.

He lamented the fact that senior police officials refer to persons who may have been involved in questionable activities as community leaders.

He said that in order to effectively deal with the crime situation these characters had to be viewed as enemies of the state.

He made the comments in an interview with News Power Now this morning.


He said that what was a major setback in dealing with gang leaders then and now, is their ability to influence politicians and law enforcement officials.

Griffith revealed that it was obvious that the police service needed a complete overhaul.

He said that police officers performance needed to be measured in a real way, and gang leaders need to be targeted.


It said that it worked during his tenure but now we have lost that focus, the result of which is an increase in the homicide rate.