crime scene 1 (1)More deterrents and the implementation of policies are needed in the fight against crime. This is the
feeling of former National Security Minister, Gary Griffith- this as authorities in T&T struggle to deal with the escalating crime scourge across the nation.

In recent days, there have been incidents of people being viciously burnt and left for dead and
overnight, a man was walked up to and fired upon in point blank range in broad daylight.

In a News Power Now interview this morning, Mr. Griffith lamented that at this time, criminals are not being deterred from committing their acts of violence.

He outlined statistics of the past, noting that one year ago there was a higher visibility of police
officers across the country.

The former national Security Minister said that now more than ever, everyone must do what is necessary to
help in the fight against crime. He however argued that Minister of National Security, Retired Major
General, Edmund Dillon has seemingly turned a blind eye on all that he has offered to assist.

Former National Security Minister, Gary Griffith