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AAATT warns media houses of airing questionable ads…

AD AssociationThe Advertising Agencies Association of Trinidad and Tobago, (AAATT), has issued a precaution to all members with respect to political advertising.

On Tuesday, the body issued a letter highlighting a paid political announcement which ran on local television stations, as well as in a daily newspaper, which purported to be a letter from “Keith” thanking the Independent Liberal Party for splitting the votes.

In the full page newspaper ad, the same letter was signed by “the Raging Bull”, without identifying the advertiser.

Association President Ronald Murray asked for immediate steps to be taken, by the relevant media houses, to desist from airing such advertisements, until such time as they correctly conform to the Bureau of Standards provisions.

The letter has been sent to the members of the Trinidad and Tobago Publishers and Broadcasters, and members of the AAATT.