A woman who was run over by a car in the San Juan area over the weekend says she’s now seeking legal advice.

This is according to Councillor for San Juan East, Safraz Ali, who visited the woman after the incident.

Simone Ferreira was seen in two videos which went viral. In the first, she was captured walking along the roadway before she collapsed. A vehicle turned up the road shortly after and the driver hit the woman before reversing a bit. He then slowly drove over her.

Ali visited her on Sunday, and then went live on Facebook with a recording f the visit, noting that the woman suffered an epileptic seizure.

Speaking on the Power Breakfast Show this morning on Power 102FM Ali, said  while the family of the driver did reach out to the woman, what was offered was unacceptable to her.

A second video showed that the driver stopped some distance away after the incident and conversed with the driver of a panel van that was heading in the opposite direction.

He then checked his vehicle before eventually returning to the victim. Another vehicle also stopped and the passengers approached the woman. Ferreira was eventually moved from the roadway by the group.

Ali expressed disappointment that the driver seemed more concerned with his vehicle than the victim.

Ali also said that he found it concerning that the driver of the panel van drove off, never rendering any assistance.

He was high in praise, however,  for the Good Samaritan who arrived in a blue vehicle.

He said  he saw that the woman needed help, placed her in his vehicle and took her to the Eric Williams Medical Sciences Complex.