Jayson Forde

Acting Senior Superintendent, Jayson Forde


Acting Police Commissioner Stephen Williams

The Acting Commissioner of Police is seeking to determine whether the ‘utterances attributed to Acting Senior Superintendent, Jayson Forde, are accurate’.

A daily newspaper report published on Wednesday carried the headlined ‘Former Central Division top cop says his murder was a blessing in disguise: Robocop the Bandit’.

Commissioner Williams noted that should the reported utterances be found to be ‘a true representation’ of any comment/statement that may have been made, this would be ‘rather unfortunate’.

He emphasized that police officers must not allow their emotions to influence their professional conduct.

Commissioner Williams affirmed that the ‘innocent or guilty’ must be effectively served by officers of the Trinidad and Tobago Police Service as well as every citizen or resident.

In this report certain statements are attributed to Senior Superintendent Forde, who effective July 18th, 2016, proceeded on vacation leave which will lead to his formal retirement from the Trinidad and Tobago Police Service.

Mr Forde handed over command of the Central Division to the incoming Divisional Commander, Snr Supt. (Ag.), Floris Hodge-Griffith, on the date his leave commenced.