“Nearly 1,700 wicked souls in this country raping and abusing our most vulnerable.” – Attorney General Faris Al Rawi.

The Attorney General was speaking in the House of Representatives on Wednesday as he moved a motion to tidy up  the law that was used to set up a sex offenders registry. The AG said some  1,700 sex offenders live in this country and are relatively unknown to the unsuspecting among us.

Explaining that 1461 sex offenders were convicted in the Magistrates Court and 232 offenders in the High Court from 2009-2018, AG Al Rawi said members of society should in fact be able to know who their neighbours are and who they may be hiring. None of the 1,693 offenders had been put onto a sex offenders registry prior to its enactment recently.

The AG’s motion was unanimously passed yesterday.