There’s news today that several members of staff at the Office of the President (OTP) have tested positive for COVID-19. A statement released by the Office of the President revealed that more than 40 personnel were tested for the virus with many testing positive. It didn’t confirm how many staffers contracted the virus.

The positive results follow confirmation that the aide-de-camp to President Paula-Mae Weekes had in fact tested positive for the virus. The President was subsequently tested for COVID-19 and was negative. Testing of staff is ongoing.

A review of the conduct of the recent events held at the President’s House was carried out and the OTP said it is satisfied that all pandemic protocols — face masks, sanitising, social distancing —were strictly observed. It said risk to external individuals is “negligible”.

Operations continue at the President’s office despite functioning with a skeleton staff. All public engagements have been postponed until the all-clear is received from the Ministry of Health.