Minister of National Security Retired Major General Edmund Dillon.

A report in today’s Trinidad Express newspaper says National Security minister Edmund Dillon is facing allegations of “elder financial abuse, exploitation and fraud” in the United States.

The report says the matter has been ongoing for several months in the US Civil Supreme Court with Mr. Dillon reportedly making several appearances in the court over the matter.

The allegations have reportedly been made through his lawyers of an elderly incapacitated man identified as Neville Piper.

US court documents allege that Piper transferred 50% of the ownership of his Uptown Manhattan Condominium to Mr. Dillon.

However the documents allege that the signature on the transfer of ownership and on the deed does not appear to be Mr. Piper’s signature and additionally, the elderly man denies having ever done a transfer of any sort and has no recollection of the transaction.

The Opposition is now calling on Minister Dillon explain the matter before his Parliamentary colleagues, saying that he owes the public an explanation.