Justice Donaldson Honeywell has thrown out the matter brought against Jearlean John and others by the Attorney General and Housing Development Corporation (HDC) on Tuesday.

The Ministry of the Attorney General and Legal Affairs (AGLA) issued a statement noting that Justice Honeywell set aside her previous orders which extended the time for the service of the claim.

The orders were sought and originally granted while the AG and the HDC were continuing their investigation into the allegations of wrongdoing.

The claims in the proceedings allege, among other things, bribery and a conspiracy by those who controlled the HDC and others, to use public funds to acquire property known as Eden Gardens at a cost substantially greater than its market value. The land was reportedly bought for $175 million after the property was initially valued at $52 million.

The judge’s ruling means that the proceedings which had already begun will now have to be recommenced and reserved.