A man who Oropune residents suspected to be a paedophile, remains warded in critical condition at hospital after he was attacked in an alleged case of vigilante justice.

According to reports, the man was involved in an incident with a six-year-old girl from the community.

The child was reportedly walking with a group of her friends when the man attempted to lure her towards him claiming to be her cousin.

The girl became scared and ran home where she told her mother about the encounter.

The mother allegedly went in search of the man and confronted him.

The man ran off and attempted to hide in some nearby bushes but residents allegedly lit the bushes on fire in an attempt to “smoke out” the man from his hiding place.

The man emerged from the bushes and was allegedly beaten by a mob of residents and left at the side of the road until residents decided to contact police.

Police arrived on the scene shortly after and the man was taken to the Eric Williams Medical Sciences Complex in Mt Hope for treatment.

However, media reports this morning say police claim they may not be able to charge the man as it did not appear that he committed any offence.

Meanwhile, in quite the plot twist, police are considering whether charges should be laid against the residents for assaulting the suspected paedophile.