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Alleged Tobago arsonist in court this morning…

Scorched Dundonald Street apartment building

Dundonald Street apartment…

The Tobago man who set fire to an apartment building on Saturday night, forcing a 50 year old woman and her 20 year old daughter to jump more than 20 feet to safety will appear in court this morning.

Officers of the Port of Spain Criminal Investigations Department (CID) have laid two arson charges against the 23 year old man for setting ablaze the Dundonald Street, Port of Spain, apartment.

Shortly before midnight on Saturday while the women, Sherma McPherson and her daughter Jamelia Roberts, were asleep the man entered the first floor apartment, doused it with gasoline and proceeded to set it on fire.

He had also locked all the doors to the apartment in an attempt to prevent the women from escaping.

However, McPherson and Roberts managed to squeeze their way through a window before jumping to safety.

Officers said earlier in the day, Roberts had an argument with the man, and this led him to commit the act.