Attorney-General-Faris-Al-Rawi (1)

Attorney General, Faris Al Rawi

There are fresh calls for Attorney General, Faris Al Rawi to resign. The latest uproar comes via a media statement issued by Opposition Senator, Wayne Sturge in the aftermath of the debate and passage of the Strategic Services Amendment Bill on Tuesday.

Senator Sturge, an attorney by profession said the Attorney General, during his address to the parliament on the SSA bill, in no uncertain terms led the parliament to believe that the country’s case law was “replete with cases, which show that citizens do not have a right to privacy”.

Mr. Sturge noted that while wrapping up the debate in the Senate on Tuesday night and in response to the suggestion that there are no decided cases on the issue, Attorney General Al Rawi indicated to the Parliament that there was a case on the issue, and referred to the case of Therese Ho -a name which for many would be obscure, said Mr. Sturge.

Therese Ho

West Indies cricketer Lendl Simmons and Therese Ho

He said what the Attorney General did not do was refer to the name of the case in full, which is Therese
Ho versus Lendl Simmons, a case between 2 private citizens whose video recorded sexualcongress was leaked by one of the parties, a case, the opposition senator noted, had nothing to do with State interference and citizens’ constitutionally protected right to privacy.

Mr. Sturge said the AG did not defend the populace as his role would require him to, but instead
conceded to the notion that citizens are not entitled to the right to privacy. He said it is even more disturbing that the Law Association has remained silent on this issue.

He said that in light of the Attorney General’s conduct, he is of the unflinching view that the AG should resign from that position and in the alternative, it is incumbent upon the Prime Minister to remove him.