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Analysts weigh in on Manning apology

Dr Hamid GhanyJust a few days after former Prime Minister Patrick Manning called a press conference to apologise for his deeds, one political analyst is suggesting that the former PNM leader may be juxtapose himself unto the current political leader…

In an interview this morning, Dr. Hamid Ghany said Mr. Manning still has status in the party

On the issue of political dictatorship however, Dr. Ghany said while society may not allow that to take place, we may not have heard the last from Mr. Manning as yet

Meanwhile political analyst, Indeera Sageewan Ali believes former Prime Ministers and other persons who have served in high public office should be allowed to remain useful in public life when their terms come to an end. Former PM and Former PNM Political Leader Patrick Manning

Ms. Sageewan Ali was this morning speaking in a televised interview on the recent apology of former Prime Minister Patrick Manning

She said that, given the experience that a former Prime Minister would have gained, that person could still add to the society

Ms. Ali, who herself is a former member of parliament, says that politicians have given up normal life for the service of their nation

She maintained that Mr. Manning may have lost an election but not his capacity to contribute