The mother, of a schoolboy who was allegedly stabbed in the chest by a Trinity College East student is calling on the school to address the matter.

The mother, in a Facebook post said her son was on her way to attend the Junior Achievers Program at the College when he was attacked by a student for his cell phone.

She said while her son is stable and well on his way to recovery, she is losing her mind trying to understand why her son was stabbed in the chest over a cellphone with a cracked screen.

The distressed mother is accusing Trinity College East of harbouring a criminal and is calling on the school to take immediate actions to ensure that the matter is dealt with.

She said the parents or guardians of the student must also come forward.

Meanwhile, Trinity College East says it is aware of the incident that occurred near the campus on Friday involving a student of its college and a student of the Arima Central Secondary School.

In a statement, it said it will cooperate with the Police Service in its investigations.

Trinity College East said the student involved will be dealt with in accordance with the Ministry of Education’s policy and the laws of Trinidad and Tobago.

The school also apologised to the injured student and his family and wished him a speedy recovery.