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Another Kidnapping. San Fernando Businessman Abducted.

Another Kidnapping. San Fernando Businessman Abducted.

A search continues today for kidnapped businessman, Sooklal Ramroop. He is 71-years-old. At around 3:30pm on Thursday, Ramroop was discovered missing from his St. Johns Village, Cipero Rd,San Fernando  home by a relative who reportedly received a ransom demand phone call subsequent to his disappearance.

Last week, kidnappers posed as police officers, kidnapping Clint Beharry.

Ramroop is the second person in the southland to be kidnapped in recent time. One week ago Clint Beharry- the son of a businessman, was kidnapped from his Pleasentville home. His abductors had been  dressed in police uniform. Before escaping with Beharry, the perpetrators robbed the family of $14,000 cash and an undisclosed amount of jewelry. A ransom demand of $100,000 had been made. He was found two days later in Barataria. He had been beaten.

It is uncertain as to whether the ransom demand was paid.

Anyone with information on this crime is asked to call CRIME STOPPERS anonymous hotline at 80-TIPS (8477).