Vessigny area

Vessigny beach

Another oil spill is reported in the Gulf of Paria.

News Power Now has learnt that the spill has taken place in the Brighton, Vessigny area .

President of the La Brea Fisherfolk Association, Alvin La Borde, this morning said abandonment work currently underway by workers aboard a Petrotrin rig, has led to this latest situation.

He said Petrotrin had been warned on Friday, that if containment measures were not put in place, this situation would unfold.

beach spill 2He lamented that fisherfolk continue to be affected and made it clear that three major fishing depots are selling seafood at lower costs as a result of the situation in the Gulf of Paria

He said the authorities must bring out the 2013-2014 task force report on the oil spill, and inform the population on just what has been taking place. La Borde said then and only then will public confidence be regained.

Some fisherfolk affected by the recent fish kill issue, were expected to have received some financial assistance from government, on the weekend.