Are Women Safe in Trinidad and Tobago? Here’s How To Avoid Being Murdered.

by | Mar 22, 2018

Trinidad and Tobago has recorded its 14th murder of a female for the year. The brutal killing of 27-year-old mother of four, Anita Bahadur on Wednesday afternoon in San Juan, came on  the heels of the murder of a pregnant 29-year-old woman in Mayaro earlier this week. The question many now ponder is whether women in this country are under attack.

With the murder toll for the year now at 125 according to the Trinidad Express newspaper we’d say the Trinidad and Tobago police service certainly have their hands full. With that in mind, it is encouraged that women across the country, understand the need to protect themselves from possible situations where violence and possibly murder, could be the outcome.

Women are advised to be very aware of their surroundings.

Here are a few tips to consider:

Always be aware of your environment. 

This is to say BE AWARE OF YOUR SURROUNDINGS! When going into places you are not familiar with (or a public place such as a street, road, parking lot, hallway, building, forest, or getting into your car and not paying attention to what was around you before you opened your door to load it etc.) observe everything!

Do not be alone.

Most often a murder victim is killed when they are alone. Usually you will not be singled out or attacked if you have people with you. Think about your situation and where you are at. Logic says you should make observations and if something seems unsafe or just a little odd do not go there. If you have friends bring them with you. Don’t be naive!

Do not hang around with people who are involved in illegal (or unlawful) activity such as drugs, or gangs.

Stay away. Being involved or friends with people who are in gangs or involved in selling drugs, or buying drugs puts you in the realm of other people besides your friend who also do illegal things which gives you a higher chance of one of these criminals to end up killing you. Many people who break the law on regular occasions might break the law by murdering you. Your friends who are around such people can bring “who knows what” into your life. If you have a boyfriend who brings over other drug users, or criminals to buy drugs, many strangers can walk into your residence on regular visits. It is smarter to not live in a situation where regular criminals/law breakers/people who do illegal things and strangers are regularly walking into your place of living. Also, do not have a friend who regularly brings you around such people.


Do not be friends with or date, or marry a sociopath or someone who has violent tendencies or forms of sexual perversion.

For women, if you are dating a man and he randomly does something very strange or odd that feels threatening or very angry you should break up with him and do not take them back. Trust your instinct. Such behavior is unacceptable and bizarre and shows he has rage inside and violent tendencies. Break up with him right away and never return his calls. Last thing you want to be in is a relationship with a violent person. They may go crazy and kill you.


Do not appear overly friendly and approachable to strangers.  

You can avoid being murdered by not overly smiling at strangers or “sharing a moment” with someone you have not talked to with prolonged eye contact. Some crazy people, schizophrenics, and other weirdos might make it more than it appears to be. Of course it is necessary to make eye contact as you walk by people for less than a second to show you are aware and confident (which scars away some attackers) but do not go out of your way or be approachable by just anyone.

Know how to fight. Learn martial arts. 

Knowing how to fight is essential for self protection. If you are aware of your surroundings and become aware that a certain person is about to try and kill you but then you do not know how to fight you are pretty much left with a very low chance for survival. Knowing how to fight will solve the rest of the problem.

Be physically fit and healthy. 

To be a good fighter or to be generally hard to kill you must be in good health and have good fitness. If you can run faster and longer they cannot catch up with you easily. You could run to a safe location such as a store with people who can help you. Or you can fight longer than them and they will get tired before you and you can take advantage of them and turn the tables and make them your victim instead. Also, it takes will power to survive intense situations such as being harmed or hurt and taking advantage at the right moment through pain and agony to survive and live.