This morning’s disruption via protest action by residents of East Port-of-Spain, has been quelled. According to Senior Superintendent Griffith of the Trinidad and Tobago Police Service, who spoke on another frequency, motorists and pedestrians can now rest assured that Oxford Street, the Lady Young Road, Piccadilly Street and Observatory Street have been cleared of debris and the protest action dissuaded.

The senior police official said the situation erupted after officers proceeded to Calvary Hill were their intent was to search a particular home. Riots subsequently ensued. Senior Superintendent Griffith explained that there are now witnesses to the situation that unfolded this morning, and as such, in a bid to avoid anarchy, the matter will be dealt with “on another level”.

She said the Mayor of Port-of-Spain, Joel Martinez and officers of both the TTPS and the Trinidad and Tobago Regiment, are on the ground, dealing with the situation. Additionally, the Office of Disaster Preparedness and Management, is also a part of efforts to bring East Port-of- Spain back to a state of normalcy.

The Senior Superintendent maintained that at this time, motorists and pedestrians have no need to avoid streets previously cautioned against entering.