avenue murderAround 5:45am yesterday, 22 year old Isaiah Hospedales was liming with friends outside a bar in the vicinity of Alfredo Street and Ariapita Avenue, when he got into a heated argument with a man.

Bottles were thrown, as the incident escalated and spilled out onto the roadway.

As Hospedales crossed the road to escape, the other man pursued him, whipping out a gun and shooting at Hospedales three times, hitting him about the upper body.

Hospedales, a student at the T&T Hospitality and Tourism Institute, collapsed on the pavement near Domino’s Pizza.

Before the gunman escaped in a waiting vehicle, he reportedly attempted to snatch the victim’s chain, but was not successful.

Hospedales was rushed to the Port of Spain general hospital, where he was pronounced dead.

There are reports that while Hospedales lay on the pavement fighting for his life, he was robbed by people pretending to help him, and his gold band, gold ring and Apple iPhone were also stolen.